Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Five Meals?

Obviously, I can't just write about food—because food isn't just about food.  But this isn't about food.

I figure you should know why the blog is named "Five Meals"—as in "Five Meals from One Chicken".

That's right.  From the song.  You know the one.

See, back in the 90's a friend of mine told me about this wonderful band.  And sent me a tape.  I know the song isn't really about chicken—not that I eat much chicken, but it is a good song.

Oh, that and when I was last in a tight spot I had five cheap go-to meals.  I'll eat them again with great frequency, but I'm hoping this blog will give me reason to diversify.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

(Fake) Chicken and Rice with Dust

Ok, So I've already lied to you—this is a meal that I can't really afford.  See: the fake chicken patties were in my freezer from back in the fat days.  I couldn't afford them now.

Gaze upon the gloopy glory:


So, Dr. Hathaway, what is it, really like?

Well, it is a couple Morning Star Chick Patties Original—sounds utterly charming—and a bag of Rice Bowl brand Cheddar Broccoli rice side dish.  The bag of rice with dust (charitably we can call it a cheddar broccoli precursor, I guess) was just like you'd think.  Rice with goop—although serviceable as rice leaves a great deal to be desired as far as the "sauce".  See, the final like of the instructs goes like this: "Sauce will thicken upon standing."  That can't be good.  

The less said about the little chunks of broccoli stem (which must have been lyophilized, I hope) the better.

Breaking it down:
Water & cooking gas: let's not nickel and dime things (or lets, but this is just too negligible to worry about)
Rice Bowl Cheddar Broccoli Rice Side Dish: 54 cents
1 Tablespoon butter: 7 cents
Morning Star Chick Patties Originial (2): $1.74 

Total: $2.36

But this is a good news/bad news thing.  This was really 2 meals (breakfast and lunch on a Sunday), so that is $1.18 for a meal.  And since I bought the fake chicken patties back when I had a real income they don't really count.  But if this happens again it will be without the fake chicken—they don't add much (not that there is much to add to).  54 cents for something so filling may be ok if I'm in a really, really, really bad pinch.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Has Come

Oh, it is that time again.  Layoffs, cutbacks, offshoring.  Or something like that.

The long and short of it is this: I have to learn how to make five meals from one chicken again.  Or something like that.

See, with budgets tight as they are we all have to tighten our belts and make do.  So here we go: Pasta-Roni, PB&J, cassaroles made with mushroom soup—all those gut cramping things.  Or not.

See, my everyday meals should cost less than a dollar.  Not exactly exciting, but there it is.  But let's just try to make it a little more exciting.  Just a little.  And we'll count the pennies.

Hamilton Duck says it best: "Winter has come."
(I'll go with Martha Stewart on that: "It's a good thing.")