Monday, January 20, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie?

Yeah, one of those.  Not very impressive.  Nothing special—unless David Cross gets involved.

How was it?  Not bad.  The pastry was ok, flakyish in a sort of chemically engineered way.  There were peas and carrots.  And chicken chunks (not a lot, but there were some).  The star was the gravy.  Not because it was good, but because the gravy really tied the pie together.

And for 69¢, well, this could be ok from time to time.  It was pretty filling—a reasonable meal.  As always the concern with frozen foods is sodium and this one has a good amount, but it is 33% of what you should have in a day (according to the box), which isn't too bad.

The real question is if you want to be this guy.

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